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An open letter
Open letter to Pacific Northwoods Resources, Ltd.

Geoff Courtnall
Dale Malloch
Paul Reddam


Our group of local residents and concerned citizens, the Friends of Egmont, ask you to come to the table and explain your plans for the property you are currently logging across from our community of Egmont.

There have been a lot of promises made and plans revealed, but no one from your company has come to the community and let us know your plans.

Perhaps you would ask why you should inform Egmont residents of your plans for your private property?

First and foremost, because of the vast nature of your operation and very direct effect to the community, it would only be the very proper and good neighborly thing to do.

Secondly, there are hopefully some positive aspects to your plans for Egmont and the community should be informed of it as well as the negative.

There are many concerns including how your vast logging operation will affect the drinking water to the private cabin owners below and also the fish habitat and the creeks. Surely, you have addressed these areas and have plans that you could share with us?

Let us be perfectly clear, we are not against logging. We know that it is a fact of life in BC and contributes greatly to the economy. However, we believe that there is a way to log this area that will be profitable and still be compatible with preserving the natural look of the mountain that we all share.

We simply ask you to be a good neighbor and change your perspective to see from our point of view (literally) and do the right thing.

Friends of Egmont