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Coast Reporter - Letter to the editor, Saturday, December 27, 2003
Interfor: a breath of fresh air

In the Dec. 13 edition, : Coast Reporter published a letter expressing concerns by some residents of Egmont regarding Pacific Northwoods Resources Ltd. and the Courtnall's logging practices along the East shore of Sechelt Inlet.

The Vancouver Sun on Dec. 12 also reported on this situation and made reference to Dale Mallock, a Van Island logger and one of the proponents of this project. It is no wonder local residents are offended, particularly by Mallock's response stating, "If you don't like it, go back to where you came from."

I thought this type of arrogance became unacceptable 15 years ago when most logging companies realized they had to change their ways; and even worse, this from a guy from Vancouver Island. Surely there must be regulations to control logging on private lands. Try cutting a tree or two from your private lot. The result of logging by this company is an atrocious eyesore, to say nothing of the probable environmental implications, and I can well understand the reaction by residents of Egmont and Doriston.

What concerns me is the comparison being implied between this company and Interfor. I have operated a commercial tourist business in Narrows Inlet for 20 years and have co-existed with a succession of logging companies, starting with B.C. Forest Products, Fletcher Challenge, Weldwood and Interior.

The latter has been like a breath of fresh air after trying to deal with the other three and gives new meaning and acceptance to the term multiple use. For over a decade I dreaded proposed cutblocks directly across the Inlet from our lodge. Fortunately, no logging occurred until Inter-for showed up and they went out of their way to ensure a minimum of visual disturbance. I would suggest that critics visit this site for a firsthand look at how logging can be accomplished in a visually sensitive site.

Finally, it is understandable why residents of Storm Bay are concerned about proposed logging and what undesirable effects might occur; however, I would suggest they continue to communicate with the company and not pre-judge on the basis of other operations that obviously don't give a damn.

Art Giroux
Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures

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