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Egmont Local Business

The following is a list of the businesses that operate in and around Egmont. Their presence here is not an endorsement of this website, but to illustrate to Mr. Dale Malloch that this community is, despite what he believes and says, comprised of people who do understand the nature of business.

A Lakeside Retreat (B&B) Bathgate Resort, Marina & General Store
Bison Enterprises Chey Tea
Cosmic Cutlery Dean Bosch Contracting Ltd
Earl’s Cove Barge Terminal Egmont Marina & Resort
Egmont Thrift Shop
(run by the Egmont community)
Klein Lake Campgrounds
(run by the Egmont Community)
Green Rosette Bakery High Tide Risings
High Tide Tours and Water Taxi Imperial Concrete Floors Ltd
Jervis View Resort
Inlets Restaurant Kim Freemantle Pottery
Egmont Water Taxi Malibu Yacht Charters
Moccasin Resort
Ravens Cove Cottage Serv-West Express
Strong Water Camping Sunshine Coast Tours
Sunshine Dental Studio Ltd. Three Ducks on a Roof Design & Gift Shop
Tom & Sherry’s Restaurant Waugh Lake B&B
Wendy’s On Secret Bay (B&B) West Coast Wilderness Lodge
Lafarge Egmont Fish Plant
Harmony Seafoods, Ltd. King Fish Trading Co.
Angus Fish Farms Bison Spot Prawns

Mr. Dale Malloch says Egmont “should be trying to promote the Courtnalls and the good things they have done for the community.” We were completely baffled by this statement since most of us wouldn’t know the Courtnalls if we fell over them. But, to be fair we have done a search and the following businesses have benefited:

  • Bathgate General Store:
  • Egmont Marina Resort:
  • Earl’s Cove Barge Terminal:
  • Curtis Lumber (Pender Harbour):
  • Gemini Marine Services Ltd. (Garden Bay):
  • High Tide Tours and Water Taxi

Have we gained any employment from this development so far?

  • One heavy equipment operator (from Pender Harbour) who is building their roads.
  • One fellow with family ties to Egmont but who lives in Pender Harbour works for one of the contractors.
  • A woman who lives inside the Inlet down from the camp works as a bull cook.

We have heard the Courtnalls have done good things in Victoria, BC which is their home. Perhaps, Mr. Malloch has the two communities confused.

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