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Egmont gains Friends as logging ravages mountainside

Looking across the Sechelt Inlet from Egmont is a mountain view that has drastically changed in the past year. Last year Pacific North Woods Resources Ltd purchased over 6,000 acres from Timber West. Pinnacle Ventures, one of the principal investors in PNR, is handling the logging on the property.

It has become evident to many Egmont residents that Pinnacle Ventures intends to "clear-cut" or at least "aggressively log" this land. Many areas are totally bare with very little if any trees left on site. When the company began working its way down the mountain side above privately owned property and cabins, Friends of Egmont was formed by local residents to give a collective voice to their concerns.

The PNR property is privately owned and is not subject to most Forestry Practices Regulations.

FOE would like to address the areas that they can affect. This includes any new purchases and logging that could affect the water and fish habitat.

FOE is asking concerned residents and friends to contact Pacific North Woods Resources at and let them know that this type of logging isn't acceptable nor compatible with the residents and businesses of our area. Ask them to come to Egmont and communicate their plans for now and the future.