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This page was created in March, 2005 for those who would like to voice their concerns to their politicians and to the media as the logging by Pacific Northwoods Resources Ltd continues across the Skookumchuck Narrows and Sechelt Inlet. This .pdf file which can be downloaded to your desktop or hard drive contains contact information and e-mail addresses. You are welcome to copy and paste the sample letters as is or modify them to suit your own feelings and views.

There is a provincial election looming and if you strongly feel that legislation is needed to prevent this type of logging from happening elsewhere and should be placed on the provincial agenda or you feel more media attention is needed on this issue, now is the time to act. If you take a few minutes every day to send out e-mails, you will make a difference between now and the election in May.

Download this .pdf file of political, media, good contacts and important email addresses for you to write to.

Sample Letter #1: for politicians
(possible subject line) Massive clear-cutting continues north of Vancouver

Dear _________________,

Every stick of marketable timber is being removed from a 5,000 acre property across from the world famous Skookumchuck Rapids and the Sunshine Coast village of Egmont. The message that will be carried by the thousands of tourists from around the world who walk the Skookumchuck Trail is: "Clear-cutting is alive and well in the province of British Columbia."

This land is not being stripped of its trees for development nor is it being stripped of its trees to create farmland. This land is being stripped of its trees only for the money and that money is heading over to Vancouver Island to finance "developments" there. As a result, businesses here in Egmont whose owners live in this village are being placed in peril.

This clear-cutting is allowed because the province of British Columbia has no legislation to guide logging on private lands. Companies like Pacific North Woods (Pacific Northwoods Resources) can buy up large tracts of land, procure a Managed Forest Licence thereby acquiring a massive tax break on the land and log as they see fit. Unlike forest companies with tenures, private owners do not have to prepare 5 or 10 year logging plans, do not have to face regular inspections by various ministries unless the public lodges a complaint, and since there are no shareholders do not have to care about public opinion.

To see the impact of this private land logging, please visit this gallery link on the Friends of Egmont website:

In your role as a politician in this province, I ask that you do the following:

-That you contact
  Pacific Northwoods Company
  994 Goldstream Ave
  Victoria, BC V9B 2Y4
  Ph: (250) 391-8906
  Fax: (250) 391-1590
  Owners: Geoff & Russ Courtnall, Dale Malloch, J.P Reddam

and ask that they stop their current logging within the viewscape of both the Skookumchuck Provincial Park and their holdings on Egmont Point and the ridge above which directly impacts the business owners and residents in Egmont. Hasn't PNR made this village and its businesses suffer enough?

-That you take a stand before the electorate and state that should you be elected in May you will work towards the creation of legislation to guide logging on private lands. Many communities have already faced or are facing the same consequences of private land logging that the community of Egmont faces now. B.C. told the world clear cutting was a thing of the past; this province lied and the village of Egmont can prove it. Please take a stand not only for the forests but for all the small communities in BC who are facing the onslaught of private developers and forest companies moving into private land logging.


(your name)

Sample Letter #2: for the media
(possible subject line) British Columbia has lied to the world

British Columbia has told the world this province no longer allows the clear cutting of it forests. This province is lying. Currently, in an area two hours from the city of Vancouver, clear cutting is taking place on 5000 acres of private property.

To see the impact of this private land logging, please visit this gallery link on the Friends of Egmont website:

A whole mountainside is being stripped directly across from the Skookumchuk Rapids which attracts thousands of tourists from Canada, the United States and the world. Their photographs alone will tell a story this province will not admit: that an area that reaches deep inside the Sechelt Inlet to the mouth of Jervis Inlet that leads to the equally famous Princess Louisa Inlet is being stripped of its forests not for development, not for farmland but for money. To have this happen to a forested area so close to Vancouver is almost impossible to comprehend. However, the owner of this land, Pacific Northwoods Resources Ltd, can proceed because no legislation exists to guide logging on private lands.

I strongly believe that this situation which is occurring here and in many areas of Vancouver Island will get worse as logging companies such as TimberWest move into greater private land ownership (TimberWest sold this land to PNR Ltd after logging what it could). British Columbia must bring in legislation to ensure those holding large tracts of forested lands log them as they would with a forest tenure licence. If not, there will be more communities like Egmont whose residents and tourist based businesses suffer the devastating visual and financial impact.

This is an issue the media should not ignore.


(your name, etc)