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The Caren Range lies south of Egmont directly across the Inlet from from PNR lands.
Last Stand for the Caren Range
(from BC Environmental website)

by Gilbert Joe, Elder, Sechelt Indian Band

The Sechelt Peninsula consists of 180 square miles, with most of the forests now clearcut. Only three square miles of old growth forests are left standing in the northern Caren Range. The remaining stand is very unique. Two biologists recently discovered in the Caren the oldest known cypress tree in Canada. They counted the rings on this tree with a microscope and found that the tree was 1800 years old with a little rot in the middle not accounted for.

The Caren range is also the habitat of many birds and animals, including the amazing Marbled Murrelet. These marine birds nest 3700 feet up the mountains in the tops of old growth trees. The marbled murrelets are already on the endangered species list. The Friends of Caren are trying to save these old growth forests. They are in imminent danger of being logged this summer. Please write Premier Mike Harcourt and ask him to save the Caren Range.