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This website has been established by the "Friends of Egmont" a diverse group of individuals concerned with the methods of development being employed on a large tract of private land across from the village. We welcome you to this site and hope you will explore its pages with an open mind. We encourage you to use our forum for your suggestions, comments or critiques.

Why are we concerned and outraged?

We are concerned because an area that is 20 times the size of our neighbouring provincial park and 6 times the area of Stanley Park in Vancouver can be exploited without scrutiny because it is "private land."

We are concerned because this exploitation can occur despite the impact it may have on our community.

We are concerned because we have learned of another "dealing" between Malloch Logging and TimberWest Forest Corporation, the previous owner of these 6000 acres.

We are concerned because the players are now reneging on what they initially said they would do with the land. Their development is on "hold." Why?

We are concerned because we have learned they are now pursuing the forested crown lands of Egmont Point. It seems 6000 acres is not enough for them. Why?

We are concerned because we have heard they would also like to acquire the untouched forest tenure of Doman Industries which abut their 6000 acres on the hills above. Why?

We are concerned because Egmont Point includes Killam Bay which would make a perfect dumping ground for logged forests from Egmont Point and Doman's lands.

We are concerned because our community has been developing businesses dependent on tourism and eco-tourism, as the government has encouraged us to do. How will we be impacted if these men continue what they are doing?

We are outraged this consortium which has not contacted this community, which has no ties to this community, does not have to look at the destruction they have wrought on a daily basis as we do.

We are outraged that this consortium which has recouped the purchase price of the land by stripping the forest regardless of the impact on this community, can now turn around and acquire a "Managed Forest" Licence which will reduce their taxes on these 6000 acres!